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Dear Beachcarer,

Our last meet of the Year was enjoyed by all, with the added pleasure of mulled wine, mince pies and coffee from Wavehunters. Coffee is always on offer from them to Beachcarers on collection days.

Weather was cool and breezy but no rain.

There being no snow in Polzeath it was decided to built a Christmas sand man, please enjoy the picture of Sanda Claws.

Laura Workman has, with the assistance of the Marine Group and with litter supplied by Beachcare, made an amazing litter shark,lying proudly outside the marine centre. See Jaws in Polzeath pictures. If you can do please go and see this.

We welcomed young Jake and his grandparents, Lyn and Jim, and Stuart and his wife (contact details illegible) to the beach and there was an excellent turnout.

8 bags collected on the day and with 2 reported off Greenaways by Catherine and 6 by Graham/ Sue/ Vickie, Guy, Laura and elsewhere the grand total for the Year is 145 bags collected on Beachcare Days and 199 bags overall. Amazing when you think litter is also collected by a raft of beach visitors, periodically by other groups, and officially by BIFFA during the Summer months.

I most certainly do not agree with the report in the Cornish Guardian saying that beach litter picks are effectively a waste of time.

(Yes, of course, every tide brings in new litter.) Once its cleared, there is no chance of it being returned to the this space.

Overall for the Year I would like to commend so many like minded people in the area who care enough to make a difference.

It is sad to relate there is such an increase in litter generally and specifically an increase in dog owners leaving filled poo bags around.......quite antisocial; they should be politely challenged and shamed. It was poignant to read in the Times that a filled poo bag was actually handed into a charity shop!!!!

May we, on a positive note, wish all a peaceful pleasant Christmas and good health for 2018.

See you January 10th, first Beachcare for 2018.

Kindest regards Nick.

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