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Do you want some info on the new Shark Sculpture?

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

This wonderful shark sculpture was made entirely from marine litter found on Baby Bay, Polzeath beach and Greenaway beach. However, the pieces of wood were sourced from the National Trust at Pentireglaze, and the wire that was our old chicken fence! It took approx 8-10 hours to source and build the shark which measures approx 10ft in length. I built it to raise awareness and to highlight the amount of marine litter washed up on our beaches, not only with regards to the amount of plastic on our beaches and in our oceans but also the ghost fishing gear such as the nets, rope and fishing line that is out there causing chaos for the animals that live in and around our coastlines. 

Thanks to all those who helped, including Nick and all of the marine litter from the Polzeath BeachCare team, the National Trust team from Pentireglaze, Mark Louis, Vickie and Hugh.

Laura, PMCG and Polzeath BeachCare Volunteer.

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