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Shark, skate and ray day...

2012 saw approximately 50 shark-mad children (and adults) come along on a sunny Friday in July to learn all about sharks!


The event was dreamed up by local marine biologists, Robin Hartley and Claire Garland, who both have a fascination with this often misunderstood group of marine animals. Despite being one of the oceans most highly advanced predators, many species are heavily overfished and close to extinction. Our waters are home to 27 species of shark. Fortunately none of them are dangerous to us but many are sadly becoming dangerously rare!


Expert help and a fascinating array of artifacts were brought along by John Richardson and Cat Gordon from the Shark Trust - a Plymouth based international charity.


After a talk about shark biology and British sharks we set off looking for shark eggs in the strandline. With so many tourists on the beach that day it was difficult to find many but fortunately Claire did find a small spotted catshark egg case!! We then had a few more shark facts and a shark themed beach art competition which was narrowly won by a fantastic sand sculpture of a great white shark 'spy-hopping'.


All in all it was a most successful event and was great at promoting the Shark Trust as well as our local Marine Conservation group. Thanks to all who helped out, particularly the Shark Trust for coming along and providing lots of great prizes!! Please find out more about the work of the Shark Trust by visiting

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