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Student ranger

Our interns are integral to the success of our marine environmental activities during the summer tourist season in Polzeath. Their contributions are invaluable, and we couldn't function without their dedication and hard work. Join us for an enriching experience that will enhance your skills and make a positive impact on our community!


Each summer, we partner with Marine Biology and Environmental Science students from local universities to help manage our Marine Centre and oversee event activities. This vital role offers students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an educational organization dedicated to raising public awareness about the local marine environment and wildlife.

As a Blue Flag beach, we attract many families and long-time visitors who share a deep appreciation for the area. Therefore, effective communication with people of all ages and backgrounds is essential. Our interns play a crucial role in this, sharing their knowledge enthusiastically and engagingly.

key Responsibilities

Financial Transactions.

Record and process simple financial transactions accurately.​

Website Management.

Assist in managing our website information and online communications.

Creative Projects.

Utilize creative skills to develop displays, create information sheets, and design posters.​


Record and process simple financial transactions accurately.​


Maintain contact with other marine groups to foster collaboration and growth.

Team Collaboration.

Work closely with our volunteer team to support everyday operations.​

Our 2024 student ranger

In summer 2024, we are hosting Chloe, who is studying for an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology at Plymouth University.


​"I wanted to volunteer at Polzeath Marine Conservation Group as I have a passion for marine conservation and understand the important role the environment plays in every aspect of life. I have always adored the ocean and have always wanted to play even a small part in protecting it. By volunteering as a student ranger here at the centre, I am actively contributing to the protection of the complex and beautiful ecosystems found here on Polzeath beach. ​I admire the educational work the group promotes and believe that this is the most crucial part of marine environmental protection. Without education, people can't raise awareness about marine conservation and do not see the bigger picture. Being able to share this knowledge and making people aware is very rewarding.​ Volunteering here, I have also learnt about the human impacts that we have on the marine environment, and more specifically here in Polzeath. Climate change and plastic pollution are big anthropogenic factors in contributing to the deterioration of our coastal ecosystems. A lack of awareness means that our beautiful coast will eventually be taken away from us. As well as expanding my acknowledgement of the importance of conservation, being able to participate in events has been fulfilling, whether it being beach cleans, rockpool rambles, beachcombing or school trips, it has given me a sense of responsibility. I have never been in a role that is solely educational based, so I have learnt lots about being able to communicate effectively with the public.​ Overall, being a part of Polzeath Marine Conservation Group has been an enlightening experience and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my knowledge and participate in marine education and protection."

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