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Seashore Code of Conduct:

The Seashore Code is a short set of guidelines that everyone can follow to help to protect the rocky shore habitat and the plants and animals that make Polzeath their home.


You can keep Polzeath special when you are out and about on the beach or rockpooling, by remembering to follow the Seashore Code of Conduct:

  • Show respect for sea shore creatures, handle them as little as possible and always put them back where you found them.

  • Leave live animals and seaweeds where you find them and only take photos home!

  • Always put overturned rocks back carefully as you found them.

  • Make sure a shell is empty before taking it home.

  • Take your litter home with you or put it in a bin.

  • Always check the tide times first and keep away from the cliffs.   

  • Report anything unusual washed up on the beach or spotted offshore.

  • Walk and climb carefully, so you don’t knock animals, crush shells, or slip on seaweed.   

  • Dress for the elements! Wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear.

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