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The Polzeath Marine Conservation Group is run by passionate folk who volunteer not only their time, but also their skills, talents, ideas, interest, passion, and wonder....... We come from all walks of life, and each of us has a story of how we came to be a PMCG volunteer.....

The below is not a definitive list, but I wanted to give examples of the different things our volunteers do within the group;

- acting as committee members - secretary, treasurer, chair, vice chair.......

- man the Marine Centre,

- helping the planning of our annual Marine Discovery Day,

- planning, running, and, supporting those running events,

- produce our newsletter,

- dealing with paperwork, writing reports, completing risk assessments,

- managing our Facebook page and website,

- processing all of the emails we get,

- designing our events programme leaflet,

- write articles for local magazines/papers about the work we do,

- organising fund raising events,

- co-ordinating publicity,

- taking part in essential survey work and writing reports of the data,

- beach cleaning,

- helping run seashore safaris for local schools,

- designing posters for events,

- forging links with local businesses and community groups,

- attending and organising volunteer training events.......


2013 saw the launch of our ‘Silver Lilly Limpet Awesome Volunteer Award’...

All our volunteers are amazing, but for those who show an even greater air of awesomeness we have our Silver Lilly Limpet Awesome Volunteer Award. Llily is such a great house guest and along with her, the special volunteer gets a certificate and a small gift too  - usually cake!

If you are thinking of becoming a volunteer, and want more information, please feel free to email us at polzeathmc@gmail.com and one of us will get back to you. If you would like to speak to someone, include your phone number in the email and we’ll get back to you asap!


Read the profiles below to find out why our volunteers think you should join us....



Favourite rock pool creature: hermit crab

Favourite part of Polzeath: The sea and low tide near Cowrie Bay

Why should someone volunteer with the PMCG: As its an awesome group of people caring for their marine environment.

What I do within the group: Man the hut, create sculptures and organise a couple of events.



Favourite rock pool creature: stalked jellyfish

Favourite part of beach: Baby Bay at low tide

Why should someone volunteer with the PMCG: get to meet amazing people and tell them about the many interesting places around Polzeath.

What to I do within the group: look after the membership, help with art and craft events and rock pool rambles, man the centre and help with fundraising

hermit crab_edited.jpg


Favourite rock pool creature: those adorable little hermit crabs (photo by Jane Pickles)

Favourite part of Polzeath: The smooth sand of the main beach at water’s edge, low tide, winter sunset.

Why should someone volunteer with the PMCG: It is so thrilling learning about our sea creatures, and spreading the excitement to others.  Also, there’s a real sense of reward that one is helping to look after our beautiful natural surroundings. And the icing on the cake is the super group of friends to work with!

What I do within the group: Man the Marine Centre, assist with Rock Pool Rambles and Arty Crafty Events, and write articles for Link Magazine about the Marine Centre!

Strawberry Anemone.JPG


Favourite rock pool creature: strawberry anemone (photo by Derek Julian)

Favourite part of Polzeath: the whole darn lot, just love every square inch :)

Why should someone volunteer with the PMCG: because not only do you get to be in your favourite place as much as possible and protect its beauty whatever your abilities or interests, but you also get to join a wonderful group of people who share a passion for the area and who have become an extension of my family. Plus there is allot of cake!!

What I do within the group: fundraising committee member, and cake eater...

chiton with barnacles IMG_3866.jpg


Favourite rock pool creature: chiton (photo by Jane Pickles)

Favourite part of Polzeath: ‘stinky bay’ when knee deep in sea weed.

Why should someone volunteer with the PMCG: because you will learn about creatures you never imagined could exist, and co-exist... also the new friends you can make, and the new skills you can learn!!!

What I do within the group: manage website, plan/run events, general admin..



Favourite rock pool creature: There are so many amazing rockpool creatures, I can’t chose just one!

Favourite part of Polzeath: The rockpools.

Why should someone volunteer with the PMCG: to help look after such a special area, to learn and to teach others, and to meet so many great people.

What I do within the group: events, surveys, admin........

(Limpet photo by Sarah Stevens)

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We are a group of volunteers all with an interest in the local marine environment of Polzeath's Voluntary Marine Conservation Area.

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