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Our Amazing Team

The Polzeath Marine Conservation

Group is run by amazing, passionate

people who volunteer not only their

time, but also their skills, talents, ideas,

interest and manpower. We come from

all walks of life, and each of us has a

story of how we came to be a PMCG Ranger.

Here are some of the things we get up to;

  • acting as committee members.

  • membership secretary, treasurer.

  • staff the Marine Centre.

  • planning, running and supporting the events we run.

  • dealing with paperwork, writing reports, completing risk assessments.

  • managing our social media and website.

  • processing all of the emails we get.

  • write articles for local magazines/papers.

  • organising fund raising activities.

  • co-ordinating publicity.

  • taking part in essential survey work and writing reports of the data.

  • beach cleaning.

  • helping run seashore safaris for local schools.

  • designing posters for events.

  • forging links with local businesses and community groups.

  • attending and organising volunteer training events.

If you are thinking of becoming a volunteer, and want more information, please feel free to email us at and one of us will get back to you. If you would like to speak to someone, include your phone number in the email and we’ll get back to you asap!


A big thank you to all our Rangers! They are all hard working, enthusiastic, and DBS checked! Read the profiles below to find out why our Rangers think you should join us.



Favourite rock pool creature: all of them! They're all amazing and unique!

Favourite part of Polzeath: exploring all along the beach and coastal paths and seeing all the beautiful wildlife going about their daily lives

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: now more than ever we need to join as a community to protect and conserve our nature and its environment! By keeping our beaches tidy, learning, and inspiring the next generation, we can do it!



Favourite rock pool creature:  crabs, I love their complex structure and their ability to feed and survive whilst being incredibly beautiful/fearsome.

Favourite part of Polzeath: the beach and sea, especially out of the main summer season. The sea is forever changing whilst being a great playground.

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: volunteers are always required to help educate others, school children, holiday makers both young and old. My favourite feeling is when someone says on a rockpool ramble " I never knew that". Different volunteers bring different skills and knowledge to the group.



Favourite rock pool creature: spiny starfish

Favourite part of Polzeath: marine painting gallery  

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: because no matter your walk of life or how much you know, you will always be learning something 

Velvet Swimming Crab (c) Paul Naylor (1)


Favourite rock pool creature: velvet swimming crab (photo Paul Naylor) 

Favourite part of Polzeath: the beach at low tide and the rockpools.

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: a chance to meet lots of nice people and you will learn a lot about the environment and its habitats and micro habitats and while placed somewhere beautiful.   

8 August 2017 (16).JPG


Favourite rock pool creature: anemones.

.Favourite part of Polzeath: rockpools. 

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: a chance to learn and see loads of marine life, and get to help visitors identify things they find.



Favourite rock pool creature: stalked jellyfish

Favourite part of Polzeath: Baby Bay at low tide

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: get to meet amazing people and tell them about the many interesting places around Polzeath.



Favourite rock pool creature: Snakelocks

Favourite part of Polzeath: the waves - and the happy people on their holibobs.

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: it's educational! Also a very rewarding occupation to help protect our wonderful PZ beach and marine environment.



Favourite rock pool creature: there are so many amazing rockpool creatures, I can’t chose just one!

Favourite part of Polzeath: the rockpools.

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: to help look after such a special area, to learn and to teach others, and to meet so many great people.

(Limpet photo by Sarah Stevens)

Spider crab_edited.jpg


Favourite rock pool creature: crabs

Favourite part of Polzeath: the beach

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: it’s fun and rewards are enormous. 



Favourite rock pool creature: hermit crab

Favourite part of Polzeath: the rockpools, always! 

Why should you volunteer with the PMCG: getting out and meeting people (especially youngsters) while educating and contribution to the preservation of our marine coast is uplifting and can instantly make you feel good.   

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