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Marine Life Surveying

Our amazing Rangers are busy collecting data for environmental research 

PMCG works with the Cornish Wildlife Trust Shoresearch team to conduct monthly surveys of the tidal areas around our shores.

Team members have been trained to do quadrat biodiversity surveys by placing randomised quadrats in a transect down the shore. All the data collected is inputted into the Wildlife Trust's Shoresearch app which links with the National Shoresearch Data Portal.

The data is validated and shared to the National Biodiversity Network as well as being available to local records centres and researchers. This ensures the valuable Shoresearch data collected can be shared and used by environmental organisations, scientists and individuals.

Information collected on our shores help us to monitor changes, spot threats and assess the health of our vital marine environment. Not only is it important work but it is great fun and very rewarding. Polzeath Marine Conservation Group is committed to carrying out long term monitoring of their local shores and trained volunteers are always needed to get involved and to help with the surveys.

PMCG also supports the Cornwall Seal Research Trust's Polzeath Photo ID Project (POLPIP) annual surveys.

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