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Rockpool Rambles

The best way to learn about Polzeath’s rockpool inhabitants!

The rockpool rambles are informative, fun and definitely the best way to discover what creatures live in Polzeath’s rockpools. They're great at educating all ages of the public, about the importance of our marine creatures and their habitats. Below are just a few of the amazing things you might find.


When rockpooling, please remember the seashore code of conduct and to stay safe.

(See the Marine Conservation page for more information on the seashore code).

For more information about booking, please see here.

breadcrumb sponge.jpg

Breadcrumb Sponge


Sand Hopper

Wooly Sheep Slug

Stalked Jellyfish


Rag Worm


Common Prawn

Necklace snail eggs (top), Welk eggs (left), Mermaids purse (right)




Buoy Barnacle

8 August 2017 (16).JPG

Dahlia anemone

Clavelina lepadiformis.jpg

Light bulb Sea Squirt

Chiton .JPG
Morchellium argus.jpg
Weaver fish.jpg
Polycera quadrilineata.jpeg

Morcellium argus Sea Squirt

Weaver Fish

Cushion Star

Dog welk eggs .JPG

Dog whelk eggs

White Ruffed Sea Slug .jpg
cuttle fish eggs .jpg

Cuttle fish eggs

Spiny Starfish .jpeg

Spiny star


Green Sea Urchin

Sea Hare eggs

Strawberry Anemone

Celtic Sea Slug

White ruffed sea slug

Shore crab and moult .jpeg

Polycera quadrilineata Sea Slug

Spider crab.jpeg
St Pirans (Hermit).jpg

Snakelock Anemone

Moon Jellyfish

Limpets, Grey Top Shells, and Beadlet Anemones

Brittle star

Sea Hare


Shore crab

Newly moulted shore crab by its old moult

Spider crab

St.Pirans Hermit crab

Velvet Swimming crab (The Devil Crab!)

Edible (Pasty) crab

montagus crab.jpg

Montagus (Bodybuilder) crab

Hermit crab

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