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Within this site you will find information about the work we do as a group with the Polzeath Voluntary Marine Conservation Area and the wider political issues related to marine conservation; alongside information about the events we run throughout the year and images of the creatures you may find on a rock pool ramble.

Welcome to our updated website. It has a slightly different layout, for example; you will now find our 'reports', 'newsletters', 'supporters', 'volunteers' and 'what is a VMCA?' pages within the 'about us' section. All news can now be found in the 'news and blog' page, although the most recent three posts can be found here on the welcome page, alongside any important ongoing news.

2019 PMCG Events Programme Leaflet:

The ‘Events Calendar’ page has been updated with all our 2019 events... click on the images to the right for pdf versions of our leaflet.

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The idea is that we help reduce the use of plastic bottles and people who buy one can refill with water for free, if they choose to, from participating outlets in and around Polzeath.

Around 10 billion plastic bottles are discarded each year in the UK, with some of them ending up in our rivers, streams, waterways and, ultimately, the sea. Some of those may end up

in the marine environment or washing up on our beaches.


Anyone buying and reusing one of our water bottles will help keep Polzeath’s beaches litter free.

Shark sculpture


Well it was made entirely from marine litter found on Baby Bay, Polzeath and Greenaways. Apart from the bits of wood that were sourced from National Trust, and the wire that was our old chicken fence. It took approx 8-10 hours to source and construct and is approx 9ft in length. I wanted to make it to highlight the amount of marine litter washed up on our beaches, including ghost fishing gear such as the nets, rope and lobster pots. 


Thanks to all those who helped, including all the collectors, Nick and the Polzeath Beach Care team, the National Trust team from Pentire, Mark and Louis for help with the fins, and Vickie and Hugh for helping to get Shark in place.


Laura, PMCG and Polzeath BeachCare Volunteer.

PMCG AGM and Annual Report 2019:

Above is our PMCG Annual Report 2019

A page dedicated to all the reports that we think you might wish to read can be found in the 'About us' section of the website! Including our AGM reports, and POLPIP reports.

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We are a group of volunteers all with an interest in the local marine environment of Polzeath's Voluntary Marine Conservation Area.

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